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EA show off C&C Construction Yard, work starts on multiplayer

Published: 14:12, 18 April 2019
Construction Yard from the remastered Command & Conquer
Command & Conquer, Construction Yard

Having been announced back in November 2018, we haven't heard much about Command & Conquer and Red Alert remasters, but EA have once again taken to Reddit to ease our nerves. What you're looking at is the new-old Construction Yard.

According to the post, EA this is the first time they've shared anything outside of the company, as the team are nearing the end of pre-production.

EA claim to have achieved several important milestones since we've last heard of Command & Conquer remasters, the first of which has been the game's first playable campaign mission, GDI Mission 1. 

The mission has been completed in March and it apparently churned along nicely, sporting a bunch of remastered art, all at 4K.

Perhaps it was only fair that the first Command & Conquer building EA shared is the key one, the Construction Yard, but "dozens of assets" are being iterated at the moment.

"Our primary goal with the visual approach is to maintain the authenticity of the original in-game asset. It’s worth calling out that if there's a conflict between the in-game asset, cinematic asset, or UI portrait, we're always going to side with the in-game asset", EA wrote.

That doesn't mean blind sticking to the Command & Conquer material, as the team are willing to incorporate sensible proposals, but overall, the key is to deliver the same experience in new garments.

Speaking of new garments, Red Alert remaster will follow but this time, it's set in an alternate universe with much less focus on futuristic technologies, and more on Tiberium. 

In case you haven't been following, EA brought back the that worked on some of the most iconic of instalments in the Command & Conquer franchise. We're talking about the Westwood team of old, who are now mostly in Petroglyph Games.

EA Picture of box art for Command & Conquer: Generals and Zero Hour expansion Command & Conquer: Generals and Zero Hour expansion

Both fans and EA seem pretty pleased with how Command & Conquer's Construction Yard turned out, so we're hoping to see the rest of the game tuned up equally as well.

You can find EA's Reddit post .

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