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EA to bring the old team back for a Command & Conquer remaster

Published: 00:30, 15 November 2018
Updated: 08:01, 15 November 2018
Screenshot from Command & Conquer: Generals
Command & Conquer: Generals

EA have recently announced the remaster of some Command & Conquer titles. It turned out to be the original C&C, as well as Red Alert. The actual surprise and a welcome twist is them involving the original developers now at Petroglyph.

Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn will be the first C&C game to get a remaster, so we will get to relive the conflict between the Brotherhood of Nod and Global Defence Initiative. It will be followed by Red Alert, set in its alternate universe, with less focus on futuristic technology than Tiberium line.

The cherry on the remastered cake is that the original developers from Westwood will be handling the remaster, including Frank Klepacki. This news came recently, in a by Jim Vessella, where he announced EA's partnership with Petroglyph Games, staffed by former Westwood developers. 

While this is great news for fans, it may be a double edge sword for the Petroglyph folks as the last time some of them came in contact with EA turned out to be the end of Westwood Games. This was a part of EA's decades-long rampage that saw many studios shut down, but C&C fans always mourned Westwood the most.

Anyway, according to Petroglyph, it was apparently EA who reached out to them asking whether they would be willing to revisit the original Command & Conquer. Apparently, the company heard the pleas of the fans, asking for the old developers to handle the remaster and it just so happened to be a marketing match made in heaven, for now.

Fans have also asked for Fank Klepacki by name, hoping for more epic soundtracks as they never forgot his scores in Command & Conquer, as well as Westwood's classics before the RTS series.

EA Picture of box art for Command & Conquer: Generals and Zero Hour expansion Command & Conquer: Generals and Zero Hour expansion

On top of the news regarding the development team, the companies also there will be no microtransactions in the remasters and therefore already being one notch better than Activision, who soiled the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare remaster for some fans.

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