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Realm Royale's PlayStation 4 beta is starting next week

Published: 18:02, 24 July 2018
Hi-Rez Studios
People are falling from the sky towards a snowy part of the map in Realm Royale
Realm Royale

Hi-Rez Studios have announced that Realm Royale's beta for PlayStation 4 will start during the week starting 30 July 2018, but they failed to provide an exact starting date. Interested players are prompted to sign up and wait. Fair enough.

While Fortnite is already blooming on PlayStation 4, Realm Royale might still manage to grab some audience on PlayStation 4 due to the game's class based take on the battle royale genre. It is also a great alternative for those who like everything about Fortnite except for building.

This test will be a closed beta so the number of invites will be limited and while one might think it would require participants to sign an NDA, this doesn't seem to be the case as Sony will sent five access codes to random commenters on the . If you happen to be one of the interested players, you can sign up for beta on this . It might be a good idea to also comment on the post to maximise your chances of getting in and fuelling the hype machine some more.

In case some people are having thoughts on why exactly they would want to play Realm Royale, here are a few outlines on what the game is all about. It's the regular battle royale in the sense that 100 players will be dropped on the map and the last one standing is the winner.

That's where similarities with other games stop, as Realm Royale is focusing on an MMO-like fantasy setting, complete with mounts, spells, crafting and classes. Mounts do not have different stats, abilities or movement speed and the only difference players will encounter are cosmetic mount skins.

Hi-Rez Studios Picture of a savage with a sword chasing a poor chicken Realm Royale - Poor chickens

Each of the five classes in Realm Royale have different abilities that will help them with mobility, crowd control or simply outdamaging enemies. Each class also has a specific legendary weapon that can be crafted at forges, but they will have to kill chickens in order to get the necessary materials. Someone call PETA.

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