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Kasumi joins Paladins roster in Death's Howl update

Published: 23:48, 13 October 2022
Hi-Rez Studios
Paladins - Kasumi being creepy as usual
Paladins - Kasumi being creepy as usual

Paladins is now richer for one character on the roster and this damage dealer is quite interesting as it takes the spookiness to the next level.

Ghosts can be scary but when they are controlling an equivalent of a voodoo doll and cursing everything around them, they become terrifying.

This is the case with Kasumi, the latest damage champion on the Paladins roster, who doesn't shoot projectiles or hit enemies in melee on the regular. Instead, she either stabs or gashes the Yokai Doll she carries while looking straight at the enemies.

Primary fire causes her to stab the doll, dealing damage and placing stacks of Curse on the targetted enemy. Secondary fire deals more damage but doesn't apply Curse. It does, however, disarm the target if it has maximum Curse stacks.

Spirit Lure, the first ability, is used to place up to three traps. When an enemy steps on one, it is triggered and the ability can be reactivated to teleport Kasumi to them for the maximum jump scare potential. It also fears and Curses the enemies after the teleport.

Hi-Rez Studios Androxus would definitely lose this spookiness contest Androxus would definitely lose this spookiness contest

Body and Soul sends a projection of Kasumi forward, which can't be damaged. The immobile body you leave behind can, however.

Bitter Betrayal is the ultimate that causes the target to explode with spikes that damage and Curse enemies. If the target is Cursed already, it takes more damage.

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