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Realm Royale gets cross-progression for PC and Xbox One

Published: 09:57, 07 March 2019
Updated: 10:01, 07 March 2019
Hi-Rez Studios
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Realm Royale

Heroic Leap Games have introduced cross-progression in their latest update to Realm Royale, the battle royale offshoot of Paladins, and it covers Steam, Discord and Xbox One, so PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch aren't part of the deal.

What they mean by cross-progression is keeping your progress in the game regardless of the platform you're playing on and this is the same deal Realm Royale has for cross-play, except there's no Nintendo Switch in cross-progression.

The feature requires players to link their accounts to a Hi-Rez account, which is pretty simple on all platforms and takes just a few clicks.

Once you've enabled cross-progression in Realm Royale, your Class Experience, Battle Pass experience and items you've racked up in the Armory will be merged.

As for Crowns, merging of accounts will let you spend the ones purchased on Xbox anywhere, but buying them on PC means you'll have to spend them in the PC version of Realm Royale.

Friend lists will be migrated as well and once cross-progression is live, "the friends list from the most active account or primary account will become the default for your newly merged account".

Unlinking your accounts is possible but Heroic Leap warned that this will make the unlinked account a freshly made, level one account.

Of course, cross-progression is just a piece of the OB16 update to Realm Royale, which brings a number of updated abilities and visuals as well.

Flare's projectile speed has been upped by a third, which Heroic Leap said is due to "its unique gravity effect" that wouldn't allow the flare to travel that high.

Ice Staffs now deal 10 per cent less damage, while Longbows deal 10 per cent more, albeit with a 40 per cent increased draw time.

Hi-Rez Studios picture showing two characters riding dinos Realm Royale

As of the OB16 update, Realm Royale weapons each have unique equip times, with heavier weapons taking a bit more to equip of course. 

As usual, there's a bunch of stability fixes and/or minor tweaks, all of which can be found in Realm Royale OB16 patch notes .

Realm Royale, formerly known as Paladins: Battlegrounds

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Realm Royale

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