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Realm Royale is getting two new classes within a month

Published: 08:41, 29 June 2018
Hi-Rez Studios
Some guy is aiming a revolver at a house in Realm Royale
Realm Royale

Realm Royale is celebrating its three million players milestone while Hi-Rez Studios are looking to promote the game further. They have recently announced the cosmetic-filled Alpha pack as well as two new classes coming next month.

Hi-Rez's CEO, Erez Goren who is also known as HiRezErez on social media has announced that additional two classes are coming to Realm Royale "in about a month". The announcement happened on Thursday, 28 June 2018, on Twitch chat of all places. You can check the with the announcement, but at the time of writing it didn't feature much other than fans making a mess of their pants.

Meanwhile, Realm Royale has reached three million players, a milestone that was announced on YouTube video above, along with the game's monetization. As per usual, the Hi-Rez video couldn't go by without giving the impression of being made by someone utilising .

This time around it was somewhat less kooky than humanoids resembling joy-cons and people lost in sale jungles though as Drybear and JNash actually looked like regular presenters. The weirdness is in the Alpha pack itself, as it commemorates the bugs Realm Royale went through during the initial Early Access launch.

One of them will be the Alpha Emote, where players' character goes into a T-pose, serving as a reminder of Realm Royale's issues with characters assuming T-pose after jumping. Interestingly enough, actually looks well animated and doesn't really resemble the eponymous glitch.

The Alpha pack also adds kaleidoscope horse mount skin, referencing a graphics glitch the developers ran into at some point. The rest of the contents are regular cosmetics, for example Alpha UI and chicken skins.

Hi-Rez Studios Realm Royale female hero looking at medieval village Realm Royale

This pack will cost $14,99 / €14,99 / £12,99 and will be available only for a limited time. In other words, it will be available until the game goes out of alpha and into beta test phase. Other than that, Realm Royale is a free to play title and will likely adopt more monetization options in the future.

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