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Blitz is on a murder spree in Rainbow Six Siege again due to another bug

Published: 13:17, 10 April 2018
Updated: 15:29, 10 April 2018
Rainbow operator Blitz is posing for a picture with his shield.
Rainbow Six Siege Blitz

Players are ripping their hair out when they see Blitz on the opposing team these days. This is due to an exploit that allows him to have near perfect hip-fire accuracy so he can channel his inner John Wick while keeping the shield up.

Unlike the instance when Blitz absorbed the exploit with hip fire accuracy that would make John Wick blush is not exclusive to him alone. This exploit can be replicated by any attacking operator that carries a breaching charge. Once they place their charge, they gain a significant boost to their hip-fire accuracy for the rest of the round. Now using the exploit on an assault rifle wielding operator can have its merits too but aiming down the sights is still a better course of action at mid to long range engagements.

However, this exploit shines on Blitz who suffers from having to use hip fire while he's holding his shield up. Once the breaching charge exploit is used though, he can reliable shoot people from 15 meters away without having to aim down the sights. This is evidently a massive disadvantage for any defenders who find themselves in Blitz's crosshairs as he isn't as easy to outmanoeuvre as the other shield wielders due to his higher base speed.

Ubisoft Excerpt from a Rainbow Six Siege trailer showing the shield wielding operator Blitz in a dark area. Rainbow Six Siege

Bugs aren't usually a big deal but this one was discovered back on 24 March 2018 when a reddit first mentioned it. It has not been fixed yet as players have been reporting this bug as recently as five days on Ubisoft told PC Gamer that the bug is on their priority but there is no solid date for its expected removal.

The last time a similar bug popped up back in December 2017 was when Jäger could use the deployable cover as a portable shield and it took about a month before it was fixed in January 2018. Considering that the first sighting of the breach charge bug happened 18 days ago, it is safe to assume it will be fixed within this or the following week.  UPDATE: The bug is fixed after a s .

Ubisoft Rainbow Six Siege's operator Jäger is posing for a picture. Rainbow Six Siege - Jäger was the first German operator with a bug that involved a portable shield.

Either way it seems like bugs simply can't avoid Blitz. Let's hope he doesn't get deployed in any missions involving a swamp and mosquitoes. 

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