How to fix Valorant's 0.1Kb/s download speed?

Published: 03:20, 04 November 2022
Updated: 21:28, 07 November 2022
How is the download speed so fast here?
How is the download speed so fast here?

Are you tired of waiting for more than 10 minutes just to play your favourite game? Are you frustrated by the download speed of your Valorant update being stuck at 0.1Kb/s? This article contains the solution to your problem!

Riot  seems to be another major developer with an update speed issue that is taking years to resolve. Behaviour managed to fix this problem in Dead by Daylight 5 years after its launch,  but how long will it take for Valorant to get the same?

We have come up with a solution that will bump up those download speed numbers from 0.1Kb/s to your actual average download speed.

Open up your Task Manager and close every program running in the background. Steam, Uplay, Chrome or even Spotify can strain your connection and PC additionally as they may be downloading their own updates or execution processes in the background.

While still in the Task Manager, head over to the Details tab. Once there, you will want to scroll through all of the services currently running and search for "RiotClientServices.exe".

Riot Ah the screen you would get to see after updating for 45 minutes Ah the screen you would get to see after updating for 45 minutes

Once you have found the right service, right-click it and select "Set Priority". Once you have done that, switch your service's priority from "Normal" to "High". Confirm the change by clicking the "Change priority" button in the pop-up window.

Now close everything and type in "ncpa.cpl" in the Search bar and hit enter. Your control panel will open and all of your adapters will be displayed. Right-click on the adapter that you are using and then select "Properties".

A new window will appear and in the list, you will want to find the "Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IP)" option. Once you have found it, double-click it.

In the General tab, check the "Use the following DNS server address" option. For the preferred DNS server type "8 8 8 8" and for the alternate DNS server type "8 8 4 4". Click Okay and you are done!


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