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Rainbow Six Siege Warden gets some much-needed buffs

Published: 15:43, 10 September 2019
Promotional image for Warden from Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege - Warden

Ubisoft released patch notes for Rainbow Six Siege that kicked off with a plethora of buffs for the Secret Service defender, Warden. More balancing happened but along with Warden, it's environment destruction that took the spotlight.

Master Sargeant Collinn "Fabulous Moustache" McKinley was gimped straight from his release date when the infamous MPX became one of his primaries in the loadout but it appears that he was lacking in other areas too. Ubisoft's latest balance pass sought to address Warden's issues with buffs to his mobility in general.

Pretty much any sort of movement you can think off has been slightly altered in order to reduce the penalties it would impose on Warden's accuracy. These include:

  • Penalty on posture change - reduced,
  • Penalty on movement - reduced,
  • Time before penalty removal is now 0.1 seconds,
  • Time  to full recovery is halved
  • Penalty on rotation removed
  • Penalty on lean reduced

This should generally mean Warden will be able to land more shots and his mobility will be better, even though is a three-armour, one-speed anchor.

Everyone's favourite hostage murderer, Fuze, got a bit of a change to his gadget. It will now detonate after 1.6 seconds instead of two seconds which was the case previously. Now you can win the game for the opposing team 0.4 seconds sooner!

Capitao's fiery crossbow bolt is largely unchanged but the visual effects have been changed to provide better feedback so people shouldn't burn their toesies on accident anymore.

Shield operators got kicked in the shins. Their window of vulnerability will be longer now as their aiming down the sights time has been increased by 0.2 seconds when they have a shield equipped.

Ubisoft Picture of Fuze from Rainbow Six Siege Rainbow Six Siege - Fuze

Shotgun-wielding operators should see more love in the future as certain changes made them destroy soft walls easier. According to Ubisoft, this change will make it easier to create rotation holes so defenders will have it easier when jumping through walls instead of using doors.

Keratos .357 and LFP 586 also received environment-ruining buffs so they should behave more like the D-50 now. It remains to be seen if they will get as much love.

You can check the out on the official post.

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