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Rainbow Six Siege automatically bans players for using slurs

Published: 19:30, 14 July 2018
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Rainbow Six Siege - Soon you will be able to mute Mute.

Players are complaining en masse about the recent wave of bans for foul language in Rainbow Six Siege. The huge ban wave occurred as Ubisoft deployed an automated system to track usage of offensive words and ban offenders immediately.

It kind of flew under the radar that Ubisoft deployed the system but it can't be said they didn't warn players, as they announced it  . Ubisoft maybe should have issued a warning beforehand, but the company opted to issue it in a practical manner.

The moment that the new system detects hate speech, it bans the player for 27 minutes. It's not big deal and is likely just there as a slap on the wrist that tells players not to do it again. Should the repeat the offence, they will get banned for two hours. If players decide to fight the law again, an actual investigation will be opened, and if Ubisoft detects a player has indeed ignored previous ban-warnings, their account could be suspended indefinitely, in which case the law will have won.

Some players who got banned took to Ubisoft's official Twitter to complain for being banned after using a racial slur, to which the company simply responded " ". Another banned user continued to complain that Ubisoft aren't focusing on real issues, at which point they stated that toxicity is a " ".

Now, there have been reports of players on reddit who got into typing a slur, by answering someone's question about the British word for "cigarette". It could be just a wild story, but it's also a fair warning before getting banned - do not respond to anything that could potentially make you type an offensive word.

Ubisoft Rainbow Six operative Maestro is looking at the clouds while smoking a cigarette. Rainbow Six Siege Maestro

The thread itself was themed around a player testing the system and has a video showing that they got banned from Rainbow Six Siege in less than a minute after typing the British equivalent of "cigarette".

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