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Raft is coming to Steam Early Access sometime next year

Published: 15:40, 05 September 2017

Raft has been up for inspection in an alpha-ish state for a while now. The developers at Redbeet Interactive have announced today that the survival game will be available with Steam Early Access sometime in 2018.

Raft is a unique take on the survival game formula. Instead of having the player running through the woods punching trees or some similar silliness, Raft delivers its resources to the player in the form of floating debris. After fishing enough materials out of the water, one can slowly expand his floating construction project.

Redbeet Raft Raft

It is a little hard to explain exactly what makes Raft work in all its subversive cleverness, but luckily the pre-Early Access version of the game is available over at for as little as zero money, should you decide that the indie project isn't worth a donation for some reason.

The Early Access version will feature co-op multiplayer and added depth (I'm sorry, I just couldn't resist).

"There’s a lot of different ways of developing online multiplayer and we’ve spent many hours researching which would be best for us. A while ago our programmer started working on implementing multiplayer onto our existing features parallel with adding new ones. It hasn’t been an easy task but we are now at a stage where we can finally say multiplayer will be available in the Steam version of Raft", was part of the official .

Redbeet Raft Raft

Redbeet Interactive plans to have the game up on Steam sometime in 2018, and you can go and click the button if you are looking for a low-cost way of letting the indie developers know that you care. The small team have also found a publisher in , the guys behind Scrap Mechanic.

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