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Sea survival game Raft makes a splash on Steam's Early Access

Published: 11:20, 26 May 2018
Redbeet Interactive
A man fishing from a lavish raft in the ocean survival game Raft

Redbeet Interactive's ocean survival game Raft is one of those games that just instantly makes sense, after someone makes it of course. The game is a single or multiplayer experience of surviving ocean waters while pimping your raft.

Indeed, I do not seem to recall any ocean survival titles so far, and most certainly none that resemble Raft. So, publisher Axolot Games and developer Redbeet Interactive are already shaking the genre up with their delightful game.

The premise is different from standard survival titles. You're still surviving, but not having to shoot anyone. Instead, Raft gives you a plastic hook, so you can reel debris and flotsam to your raft. Yeah, whatever, you got lucky.

Raft offers multiplayer and singleplayer, where players will be building their survival tools, weapons and even grow things, just so you can keep your sorry, floating behind alive. As you can see from the trailer, you can put some serious bling on your raft, easily warranting an MTV Rafts appearance.

As you progress through Raft, so will your crafting skills and you'll be constantly finding new places to sail to and scavenge. Of course, neither scavenging reefs nor plain sailing are free from danger, so you should probably get ready to fight off a shark or two. Easy.

I've got to say that even disregarding the obvious sailing connection, Raft seems to be pulling off exactly what Sea of Thieves aims for too, which is a more serene gaming experience. Not that we mind pure carnage of course, it's just that each has its place. 

Whichever part of the spectrum you lean towards though, Raft seems well worth a play, if only for a few hours. Or a few more after that. And some in the morning, you know, to go with morning coffee. 

Redbeet Interactive A makeshift well made on a raft in the ocean survival game Raft Raft

Raft officially launched on Steam's Early Access on 23 May 2018 and judging by the community response and early reviews, it'll be sailing for quite a while more. I never in my life thought I'd be a raft though.

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