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Radical Heights hopes to take survival genre to radical new heights

Published: 16:07, 11 April 2018
Boss Key Productions
Players are fighting near an RV and a campfire in Radical Heights.
Radical Heights - At least the guns don't look ridiculously disfigured like in Fortnite.

It has to be scary trying to enter a market that already houses PUBG and Fortnite, two games that couldn't be squeezing more cash out of the community if they tried, but Radical Heights promises quite a few novelties for the survival genre.

So, Radical Heights hopes to soar to radical new survival heights by several novel concepts, such as dumping the current system, where players drop from the sky butt naked and then rummage for stuff.

Instead, Radical Heights uses plain' ol' cash, although in this case - it's the cash players have on them. Everyone starts with $0 and has to fight on equal terms, until they reach an area with a weapons shop.

Boss Key Productions Players are riding their BMXes in Radical Heights. Radical Heights

Not only that, you can go to an ATM and make a withdrawal, from the existing cash that you've won in previous games. I must admit, it sounds pretty clever.

Players can deposit their earnings into offshore accounts as well as carry them over to the prize room. Yeah, Radical Heights has a prize room, where you can sit and gawk at all the trophy's you've earned.

Indeed, the devs did go on record saying that copying Fortnite or PUBG was never the intention. If any company hopes for any sort of profit against the two survival giants, they better offer something substantial.

Boss Key Productions Players are shooting each other in Radical Heights. Radical Heights

Radical Heights also has so called "game show moments", where users can win cash. This concept brought about plenty of criticism, leading to the $10,000 bonus to be removed from the game's Founder Package.

The game strongly encourages exploration and all sorts of activities that make you in-game money. In fact, most of Radical Heights' in-game items can only be bought with this currency.

Boss Key Productions has officially broken out the bubbly today, launching Radical Heights into Early Access waters . The game may not be as radically different, but seeing as how there's still a few gimmicks not seen in Fortnite and PUBG, it's well worth looking into.

We'll definitely be keeping an eye out for Radical Heights and will probably report from the actual battlefield next time.

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