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Fortnite's downtime was good for both Pornhub and Radical Heights

Published: 20:12, 13 April 2018
Promotional images of Ninja and Dr Disrespect.
Ninja and Dr Disrespect

Fortnite's massive popularity brings some unexpected consequences with it. While the servers were offline yesterday, the game's popular streamers Ninja and Dr Disrespect gave Radical Heights a go, with both of them having a good time.

Lady Luck smiled at the very beginning of Radical Heights' Early Access debut, as Fortnite's servers came crashing down. This plague upon the digital world forced several million players to look for other kinds of entertainment. A large number opted our for carnal pleasures which caused  about getting their servers back up.

Following the Pornhub situation, Fortnite's massive player base invaded other games, boosting their player count temporarily. Two highly popular Fortnite streamers chose to jump in on the '80s inspired fun with Radical Heights which subsequently saw a dramatic increase in Twitch viewer count.

Dr Disrespect jumped in head first, prompting his disclaimer in the vide above saying that he has no idea what he's supposed to be doing as he didn't read any instructions. This lead to a less than stellar start but he found his fun with the game regardless. The video also includes the highlights of his Radical Heights stream, as well as duo games with Shroud and Waduhek.

Ninja, on the other hand queued up with TimTheTatMan and pronounced he would switch to full time Radical Heights streaming if Boss Key add a skin in his likeness to the game. Tim called him out immediately, which resulted in Ninja toning his statement down to ''I would play more''. Turns out that Tim saved pretty much bailed Ninja there, since his stream indeed caught the eye of Radical Heights' PR department.

Ninja is definitely not going to Boss Key's off-shore rig facility since a lot of his fame depends on Fortnite but it remains to be seen if some dude in Omaha will make a character in Ninja's likeness. It would still be a tremendous popularity boost for a game in its grass roots stage.

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