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Radical Heights update promises a performance boost

Published: 22:15, 18 April 2018
Updated: 02:56, 05 October 2018
Boss Key Productions
Poster screen for Radical Heights showing two armed contestants.
Radical Heights

Radical Heights has been in early access for about a week now, and against all odds it's not performing too bad. Boss Key Productions have released the game's first update that promises to significantly boost performance and fix bugs.

First and foremost is the important part of the update. Boss Key Productions have been listening to player feedback and they have made BMX bike improvements that will allow players to pull of more tricks, such as backflips. They should be mindful of the way they land though, since landing on their heads will knock them off the bike now.

On a slightly less important note, the patch notes list "performance upgrades accross the board" and at first glance it seems like the game did indeed get a few more frames per second in my case. The quick solo game I jumped in just before writing the article was more fluid and while the performance boost was evident, it wasn't anything drastic.

Boss Key Productions Two contestants are about to shoot each other up in Radical Heights. Radical Heights - Broken burgers in the Arcade buildings have also been fixed.

Quality of life updates don't stop at performance though, as the players can now jump through windows without having to shoot them up first. This is a welcome change, especially for the early game when players are scrambling to pick up the first gun as soon as possible.

There are more customisation items in the game's store now, allowing players to make their Ken dolls look just the way they want them to. Speaking of customisation, female characters haven't been added to the game, even though models and textures seem to be ready.

Boss Key Productions Female character showcase in different costumes in Radical Heights. Radical Heights - Female character model

FN FAL is a new gun that was added with the update but the gun's stats haven't been shared. Existing weapons in the games have also been fixed. Python, M16, AK74U, M14 and M12 can now spawn in gold tier and handgun range has been increased across the board. Python also received a damage buff.

Bugs that were fixed make up a rather long list, which can be read in full on Radical Heights' Steam .

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