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Quake Champions gets new arena, player rename tokens

Published: 11:01, 06 July 2018
Bethesda and id Software's new map for Quake Champions
Quake Champions, the Molten Falls

Bethesda and id Software have updated their take on Overwatch known as Quake Champions, adding a new map called the Molten Falls, rename tokens, upgraded user interface tutorial, competitive play requirements and a host of balance changes.

The Molten Falls is a Goroth map from the Dimension of the Doomed and id Software promises a bunch of vertical action, hopefully upwards, wink wink. It's a spacey map, with plenty of shooting lanes and it's available in all modes, except in Sacrifice custom game. Tempest Shrine has been added for custom game duel map lists.

Quake Champions' long requested feature to be able to change your name is here, dubbed the purchasable rename token. At the moment, the tokens are available in the Quake Store, going for 1,500 platinum. So, it's not particularly cheap but it's enough to force you into such decisions when sober. Don't ask. 

Id expanded on the UI tutorial, so newer players don't get confused and there's plenty more changes on the visual side of things. In fact, UI seems to have undergone quite a few of them, albeit most of them related to various bugs in achievements. Except of course the Q that has been added to loot boxes.  

The game will now no longer give access to Ranked mode until players reach level 10, which seems about right for this type of game. In case you're not familiar with Overwatch or Cheapaladins, it's team shooter competitors, both of these games have similar caps in place. In fact, Paladins does it better, since it forces you to unlock at least 15 heroes, in addition to the level requirement.

As you'd expect, there's a plethora of minor changes, bot tweaks and hero balancing in Quake Champions' new patch. Galena's cooldown was buffed by five seconds, while Nyx's was nerfed by an equal amount. We won't bore you with specific details, since there's really too many to count.

You can find patch notes on the official Quake Champions .

Bethesda Masked and armed character from Quake Champions Quake Champions

Quake Champions' playerbase has grown lately, thanks to some freebie promotional efforts. However, it does seem as if the dev will eventually have to settle for a free to play model, so you may want to consider that if you're still freshly demonetized from .

Quake Champions, legendary game forays into co-op shooters

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A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Quake Champions, the Molten Falls

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