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Major fall update comes to Quake Champions - new weapon skins, map updates

Published: 19:32, 04 October 2021
id Software
Quake Champions - Fall 2021 weapon skins
Quake Champions - Fall 2021 weapon skins

id Software is celebrating the arrival of cooler days with a big update. The devs have given a once-over to the game's Season 12 Battle Pass content, added a new arcade mode and more.

Fresh weapon skins, nameplates, map fixes, oh my. Quake Champions' fall update has it all and then some. Here are the update highlights and additional details for id Software's Early Access title.

Quake Champions - Season 12 Battle Pass Content
  • Hell-raiser - New vanity Rocket Launcher
  • Tormentor - New vanity Railgun.
  • New Nameplates - 13 of them.
New Arcade Mode

Impulse 9 - dreamt up as a way to pay homage to the original Quake console command, the new mode features infinite ammo and all weapons.

New Client Options

Game Options

Added SETTINGS-> GAME-> DISABLE PUBLIC IN-GAME CHAT - this will stop sending and resuming in-game chat messages in the public match channel but will not disable Team, Party and Direct message chat options.

Map Updates

Burial Chamber - Fixed staircase collision from Heavy Armor to upper mid.

Corrupted Keep

  • Fixed projectiles going through the floor tiles under the Light Armor near Rocket Launcher.
  • Optimised, and then reduced, the number of particle emissions in the embers, ash, and lamps.
  • Say goodby to the totem exploit outside the Heavy Machinegun boneyard.
  • Improved collision on Rocket Launcher and Heavy Machinegun jump pads.

Quake Champions, legendary game forays into co-op shooters

  • Image: 1 / 7
A man with an axe running through a forest in SCUM
Quake Champions, the Molten Falls

Deep Embrace

  • SFX particle optimisation pass: reduced lifetime and emission numbers by 90 per cent.
  • You can now place a totem near a power-up teleporter exit, no problem.
  • An exploitative spawn location near Super Shotgun further towards Mega Health has been moved.
  • Fixed the collision on three steps players could get stuck on, on the staircase leading from Rocket Launcher to up high.
  • Fixed collision on the staircases surrounding the watery Railgun ammo pool.


  • Exiting the Railgun teleporter will no longer cause players to clip into the ceiling.
  • The turret on the Super Nailgun jump pad just had its self-destruct privileges revoked.
  • The hole in the ice staircase has been patched up.
  • The wall behind the Light Armor and the tunnel below the Lightning Gunroom will now prevent Rangers from falling out of the map when teleporting to the Dire Orb.

The Dark Zone

  • Bots will stop using the teleporters so frequently.
  • Visibility block added for performance optimizations.
  • Removed an initial spawn that was in too close vicinity to another.

Quake Champions major fall update - full patch notes.

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