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New PUBG data mining leaks x3 and x6 scopes coming with the new map

Published: 09:58, 02 April 2018
Updated: 12:46, 02 April 2018
Female player character is aiming her AWM while crouching on top of a hill.

Skin Tracker have revealed new upcoming weapon attachments for PUBG on their Twitter earlier today, revealing new scopes and a shotgun attachment. PUBG Corp haven't confirmed it yet, but these are dug from the new map's files.

PUBG Corp are continuing down their roadmap for this year, with the first tests for the new, commencing between today, 02 April and Thursday 05 April 2018. These tests will be done in Closed Beta style, with only a limited number of players that can access it between these dates. A recent update introduced the map's game files and apparently a few stray items that weren't supposed to be revealed yet.

Skin Tracker is a Twitter account that normally does what its name implies - tracks skins via data mining and publishes any findings on Twitter. They took a small change in direction this time around, due to the importance of their latest leaks. The upcoming update that will introduce the Savage map will also apparently bring new weapon mods, such as x3, x6 scopes and a Duckbill attachment for shotguns.

Scope functions are likely obvious by this point, with one zooming your view three times while aiming down the sights of your weapon and the other zooming it in six times. The Duckbill attachment will change the behaviour of the shotguns' spread. It will decrease vertical spread while increasing the horizontal spread. Now this may not sound like much of an alteration to the way shotguns work but it should allow for aiming further up the enemy's body so the pellets don't miss by going over their head.

It is not yet known if the aiming reticle will be slightly changed in order to accommodate the new spread but it shouldn't be too hard to acclimatize to it regardless. The new scopes should provide their users with more options for mid range, as well as allow players to actually find scopes more often, allowing for more engagements earlier in the game.

Bluehole Two players looking at each other with their scoped rifles in PUBG. PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds - Scoped and ready

As stated before, none of this info is officially confirmed by PUBG Corp, but since they were found in the actual game files, it is all but certain they will be introduced to the game.

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