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PUBG Mobile Royale Pass Season 13 new content and Miramar revealed

Published: 14:24, 12 May 2020
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PUBG Mobile's Royale Pass Season 13 is starting on May 13. The new season will have themed rewards including new gear skins, outfits and more. A live stream detailing the updated Miramar map is underway.

PUBG Mobile's upcoming Royale Pass Season 13 is going to boast a "Toy Playground" theme. The new season will kick off on May 13 and iOS and Android players will be able to enrol to collect themed rewards including new gear skins, outfits and more.

Additionally, the curious community members can tune in today, May 12, for the 24-hour PUBG Mobile unveiling of the updated Miramar map under the incoming Sandstorm ravage on the official live stream

PUBG Mobile players who unlock Royale Pass Season 13 can choose between Ice Ranger or Fire Ranger at Level 50, and get the Ultra Defender Set at Rank 100. There will also be various in-game challenges that will provide a bunch of special and rare items.

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Additional new features for Royale Pass Season 13:

  • Puppet Agent - The Puppet Agent outfit boasts three separate forms, which can be mixed and matched. Players who reach the highest rank can also upgrade the outfit to Mythic rarity.
  • New Challenge Series - Players can unlock upgrades to their outfits by completing the Toy Mastery and Puppet Agent series special missions.
  • Notification Upgrades - All RP mission reminders on the result page have been improved for players to see their mission progress easier. Reminders have also been added to let you know about the season's start and end.
  • Additional Bug Fixes - Tutorial guides and some bugs have been addressed and fixed.

More information about the upcoming PUBG Mobile features, including the Jungle Adventure Guide, Bluehole Mode in EvoGround and more will be released soon.

PUBG Mobile is now available to download via the App Store and Google Play .

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