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PUBG Mobile's 0.17.0 update brings back the Hardcore Mode

Published: 20:39, 03 March 2020
Updated: 20:42, 03 March 2020
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PUBG Mobile's 0.17.0 version update launched today. The Hardcore Mode has officially returned to the Arcade. New content has been added for Classic Mode. Royale Pass Season 12 themed "2gether We Play" will arrive on 9 March.

PUBG Mobile got its 0.17.0 version update today. The new update dropped off a considerable amount of content which includes the return of Hardcore Mode in Arcade, along with new features and improvements of Classic Mode. 

The 0.17.0 version update introduced the festive Anniversary theme - "2gether We Play". 

The Hardcore Mode

The Hardcore Mode has officially returned to the Arcade. The mode removes all sound prompts from the game and requires manual actions to pick up items and open doors. 

The Classic Mode

New content has been added for Classic Mode including:

  • New AirDrop Weapon: DBS - The best weapon for high damage at close range, the DBS is a double-barrel shotgun which can only be found via AirDrop. It fires 2 shots per magazine, holds 14 rounds of 12 Gauge ammo per reload, and can be equipped with the Holo Sight, Red Dot and 2x to 6x scopes.
  • Brothers In Arms System - Players can register as Rookie or Veteran and play together in the battle of Classic Mode. Veterans with rich game experience can guide rookies in the game and receive rewards, during which the rookies can learn from the veterans and master the game quickly.
  • Death Replay function - Players can watch from the attacker's perspective for a certain time before their deaths.
  • Universal Marks - Players can now mark locations, supplies, vehicles, death crates and doors for teammates, allowing for quick communication.
  • Colourblind Mode - In Graphics Settings, this new mode provides more colour options for in-game indicators, such as Poison, Smoke, and Auxiliary Lines for people with colour blindness.
  • Teammate Volume Control - Players now can adjust the voice volume of individual teammates in battle.
  • Firearm balancing and other improvements.

2gether We Play

In celebration of the upcoming Second Anniversary of PUBG Mobile, Royale Pass Season 12 themed "2gether We Play" will arrive on 9 March. The new Royale Pass Season will boast fresh festive gear, challenges and rewards.

The Amusement Park Mode

Starting on 12 March, players will also have a chance to enter the Amusement Park Mode in the Erangel map. the Amusement Park Mode will feature interactive games and attractions.

The Anniversary Celebration Event

The upcoming Anniversary Celebration Event will have a slew of exclusive in-game rewards and achievements.

More details about the Anniversary Celebration Event will be shared soon as the event is slated to launch sometime in March.

PUBG Mobile is available for download on the App Store and Google Play .

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