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PUBG gets Team Deathmatch in PC update 6.2

Published: 08:41, 19 February 2020
PUBG - Team Deathmatch
PUBG - Team Deathmatch

PUBG Corp released a new update for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds on PC which included the long-awaited Team Deathmatch mode. It will have its own set of rules and format while frag grenades will get a few nerfs across the board.

Team Deathmatch has finally arrived. It will differ from the rest of PUBG in several aspects but the first and most noticeable difference is the number of players present. 

This mode will be played in an 8v8 format and will have seven different maps for the players to go through. Then again, these are not brand new maps but rather parts of existing ones, chopped up for the purposes of closer engagements and accommodation of a smaller number of players.

While gunplay and core mechanics will remain the same, several things will change when you are playing Team Deathmatch. For example, players will respawn instead of getting knocked down or out like in battle royale and the boost gauge will be filled by scoring kills and assists. It will also give players health regeneration only after not receiving damage in five seconds.

Teams will fight to be the first to reach 50 kills. If that doesn't happen in 10 minutes, which is the round limit, the team with the most kills wins. The third-person perspective will not be available in Team Deathmatch which is probably for the best in order to avoid stalemates when players are just observing each other from behind the walls.

Friendly fire and knockdowns will be disabled in this mode as the smaller scale but more chaotic fights would get extremely messy with those two enabled.

Team Deathmatch is sure to be the talk of the town in near future but the regular battle royale is getting updates too. For examples, frags will now deal less damage to prone enemies and vest level will decrease damage taken from them, with the same reduction calculation like with bullets. Pin sound is louder so players can be aware of impending 'nades sooner and they will now take up 27 inventory capacity instead of 18.

PUBG / Playerunknown's Battlegrounds by PUBG Corp and Bluehole

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PUBG update 6.2 was massive and we picked only the highlights here but you can check out the full patch notes on the official website.

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