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PUBG Free Play Week now live only on Steam with special drop events

Published: 07:12, 10 August 2021
PUBG Free play week now live on Steam
PUBG Free play week now live on Steam

Everyone with a Steam account can now drop into PUBG for some chicken dinner and cosmetic rewards. All progress made during PUBG's free play week will be carried over if you decide to buy the game.

PUBG's free play week has kicked off. Players can now squad up with their friends and enjoy full access to all in-game rewards, including Pass and Mission rewards along with XP and BP. Furthermore, all missions and stats will be recorded so you can track your progress and there's even a couple of special events planned for the newcomers.

PUBG Free week schedule

  • PDT: August 9, 2 PM - August 16, 2 PM
  • CEST: August 9, 11 PM - August 16, 11 PM
  • KST: August 10, 6 AM - August 17, 6 AM

PUBG - Special drop events for new players

Title Mission description  Rewards
Parachute Travel 600m in total by parachute. Sleeveless Cheetah Top
Ledge grab Ledge grab over obstacles 2 times. Utility Belt (Brown)
Use 2 emotes Use emotes 2 times to express an emotion in a single match. Rugged (Beige) - M16A4
Survive Survive for 200 min in total. (Includes the time for spectating your teammate in duo/squad mode.) Wrangler Shirt
Loot items Loot 300 items in total. Wide Pants (Red)

There's more: everyone who creates their own Global Account and links it with their Steam account will get a pair of Traditional Glasses (Round). The glasses reward will be distributed every day at BST: 7 PM / PDT: 11 AM / CEST: 8 PM / KST: 3 AM.

The PUBG free week is only available via Steam. All records will be carried over into the purchased copy of the game, provided you play/buy using the same Steam account. The in-game store will become available after purchase.

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