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PUBG update 13.2 patch note highlights

Published: 08:30, 01 September 2021
PUBG update 13.2 patch note highlights
PUBG update 13.2 patch note highlights

PUBG's update 13.2 is now live on the PC Test Servers. The players will get to run around Taego with a new SMG rifle, drive around in a special new truck and launch mini Blue Zone grenades.

PUBG's update 13.2 is now live on the PC Test Servers and it's a big one. Update 13.2's patch notes go on and on so we've decided to pick out some personal highlights:

PUBG update 13.2 - New Weapon: P90

Care Packages in PUBG now boast an additional SMG. The fan-favourite P90 comes with its own 5.7mm High Powered ammo, it's capable of longer-range damage, a Cheek Pad, Handguard, Laser, and Silencer. All of these are both pre-attached and non-detachable. Dual optics included: Holographic Sight for foes who dare come near you and Flip on the Flipsight for those with the audacity to try and run away.

P90 at a glance

  • Spawns on all maps
  • Equipped with all attachments right out of the crate
    • Silencer
    • Laser
    • 50 round magazine
    • Non-detachable small low profile sight with some magnification
  • Ammo type
    • 5.7mm
  • Damage: 35
  • Most Effective Distance Range: 200m-300m
  • Rate of Fire: 1,000 RPM
Taego Update - junk in the trunk

First introduced back in 1977, the Porter is Hyundai Motor Company's representative commercial truck, now available only on Taego. Not added just for the sake of it, the Porter comes with an entirely new feature: the Trunk System. The short of it: this truck can carry large amounts of items, depending on their weight, and belongs to everyone on board. Side-note: Your stash will get destroyed if the Porter bites it.

The Porter: a closer look

  • Drivetrain: All-Whee Drive
  • Maximum number of passengers: Four
  • Trunk System is available and the capacity is 400
  • Maximum Speed: 130 km/h
  • HP: 1,200
  • Porter replaces the UAZ
New Weapon: Blue Zone Grenade

For when just one Blue Zone doesn't do it anymore. The Blue Zone Grenade is a new throwable item that deals AOE damage for a period of time. Just like the original, the mini-Blue Zone starts shrinking after a couple of seconds.

Blue Zone grenade details

  • Gets as big as ten meters in radius and lasts for five seconds.
  • It remains in its full size for five seconds and then shrinks and disappears for another five seconds.
  • Does not explode underwater.
    • When activated near water, it deals damage to players inside the water.
  • Damage: 10/second
  • If you are already in the Blue Zone and are in the range of an additional Blue Zone Grenade, additional damage will be applied.
    • Blue Zone + Blue Zone Grenade = Both damages apply
    • Blue Zone Grenade + Blue Zone Grenade = Both damages apply

PUBG update 13.2 full patch report.

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