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PUBG console update 6.2 will bring crossplay

Published: 11:19, 21 February 2020
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PUBG recently rolled out update 6.2 for PC but the consoles will have to wait for it a little while longer. However, it will be worth the wait as the player base will expand for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 due to crossplay being enabled.

Console PUBG players will soon be able to get into Cross Party Play which is just a fancy name for being able to invite PS4 players to your party if you are on Xbox One and vice versa.

Furthermore, friends list has received a makeover to accommodate the new changes like crossplay. Search function now supports players from both the same and different platforms.

There are now a total of four tabs on the friend list - Platform, PUBG, Recent and Team.

Platform is the tab that will show existing friends list from one's current platform. If you add players from a different platform, they will be added to platform-specific friends list and will be shown with their Xbox Live Gamer Tag or PSN name.

PUBG tab is the new friends list that will allow players to organise their friends across different platforms, as mentioned above. In order to add a friend, all you need to do is click "Follow" when looking at their profile.

Recent tab will show players that were in your team in recent matches in order to make it easier to add them in case the experience was enjoyable

Team tab is simply the one that shows your teammates

To put the cherry on top, players from both platforms can now join custom matches with no restriction applied to either side.

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In case you missed the rest of additions in patch 6.2 , grenades will be rebalanced to do less damage to prone enemies and give better audio cues while everyone will be able to enjoy the new Team Deathmatch mode that will have a different rule set.

The update should go live on 27 February 2020 for consoles.

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