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PS5's DualSense controller offers more than meets the eye

Published: 17:03, 17 July 2020
artwork showing ps5 console and dualsense controller
PlayStation 5

Sony's demonstration of PlayStation 5's DualSense controller is clearly something you need to feel to appreciate fully, but from what we've seen - it's the pinnacle of gamepad design.

Having dumped the controller touchpad, which never really imposed itself in terms of gameplay usefulness, Sony wanted to make sure that PlayStation 5's DualSense controller innovates in a meaningful way. 

Granted, the best part of DualSense are the haptics and adaptive triggers, both features we can't really feel, but Geoff Keighley and some trailer hints will have to do until we can give it a proper go. 

Keighley said DualSense's adaptive triggers open up all sorts of creative avenues, and their weighty feel is likely to make them a staple, mainstay feature. All you need to do is imagine slowly squeezing the trigger in games like Apex Legends or Call of Duty, and PlayStation 5's controller already sounds like bee's knees. 

That said, it's the addition of haptics that we found even more interesting. PlayStation 5 developers will find that PS5 has great potential to enhance their games with what's realistically a controlled rumble. In practice, however, these little things are certain to stack up and significantly enhance immersion, provided devs get creative with them. 

If you take a look at the 2:10 mark, Sony provided visual examples of how the vibrations emanate from DualSense. By simply using different patterns, PS5 players can get a feel of walking/driving on sand, getting stuck in mud or soaring through skies, all of which is sure to make a huge difference and open up many creative possibilities. 

One of the first games that put DualSense's haptics to work is Quantum Error, which will let players know exactly where they've been shot . Combined with the Tempest Engine, the days of smeary directional cues are a thing of the past.

Unfortunately for those who hoped Sony will reveal PlayStation 5's price - it's not today. While the company is delighted with the fans' reaction to PS5, they stressed that players will definitely know when they're ready to reveal the price.

PlayStation 5, Sony's next-gen console unveiled

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