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Portal Reloaded - a free mod that adds a third portal to the game

Published: 09:53, 05 November 2020
Jannis Brinkmann
Portal Reloaded - The three portals
Portal Reloaded - The three portals

Portal Reloaded was made by Jannis Brinkmann who has been working on it since 2014. The free mod will add a third portal and a fourth dimension to the game.

Portal Reloaded is an upcoming mod for Valve's acclaimed Portal 2. The brain-breaking mod will be available on Steam come April 19, 2021. 

The new game will, on top of the usual blue and orange portals, add a third: a green portal that will send you 20 years into the future. The "normal" test chambers in the new game look like the ones from the original Portal and the "20 years later" chambers boast the charmingly disarrayed look of the sequel.

The test chambers of the future can be altered by making changes to the ones in the present. Objects from the future, such as the Weighted Storage Cubes, can also be taken back to the present and used to solve the puzzles.

The mind-melting mod is the work of Jannis Brinkmann, who has been toiling away at it since 2014. The Q&A on the modder's website clues us in on what the new game will be like.

Portal Reloaded will be completely free to own as long as you have a copy of Portal 2. You can simply download Portal Reloaded from the Steam store once it releases on April 19.

Targeted at Portal veterans, Portal Reloaded's mechanics can seem complex at first, but the mod tries its best to explain them in a slow and engaging way with some relatively simple puzzles at the start of the game.

The 25 new puzzles will start off easy enough so the players can grasp the concept and go on to become more involved as the players progress. The game’s difficulty has and will continue to be balanced through playtesting. 

The game's story will be presented through more than 100 custom voice lines. The story is disconnected from the events of the main series and doesn't alter the established canon. 

For the purposes of Portal Reloaded, Chell will still be in her stasis sleep (or taking on the other test chambers) and the players will step into the Long Fall Boots of a previously unknown test subject and get to explore a sealed off part of the facility.

More information can be found here , and you can wishlist Portal Reloaded on Steam here

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