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Community-created Portal 2 campaign gets gameplay and music showcase

Published: 19:59, 13 January 2021
Emberspark Games
Portal: Desolation
Portal: Desolation

Valve's inability to produce the third part of a series may have Portal in limbo but modders took it upon themselves to create a brand new campaign with rather interesting puzzles.

Portal is yet another one of Valve's franchises that saw two extremely successful entries in the main series but would then go on for a long time without getting the third one. The community was looking for more puzzling content and finally, the modders accepted the challenge and started creating a new campaign for Portal 2, named Desolation.

This project got first teaser videos in 2019 but never got actual gameplay or other content reveals until the last days of 2020 and early ones of 2021. Emberspark Games, the team developing Desolation, first released a gameplay teaser on December 18, 2020, when they also revealed the new portal gun, named ARM.

The gameplay video featured some puzzle solving that is high octane, especially by Portal standards, where the character kept getting boosted jumps all over the room as they solved the brain teaser. You can check this gameplay in the video below.

Unlike the previous teasers, this one wasn't followed by months of silence on Emberspark's channel as a flurry of OST videos popped up in the span of a few weeks following the gameplay reveal.

The music is atmospheric and should serve well to set the players' mood up for the sombre complex they will navigate through.

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