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Apex Legends team unveils Half-Life, Portal-themed Charms for Steam

Published: 10:28, 24 July 2020
Apex Legends, Baby Wattson Charm
Apex Legends, Baby Wattson Charm

Apex Legends' development team held a dev stream recently, where they showed off the Charms coming once the game comes to Steam with the rest of EA's catalogue.

Now, if you've been following Apex Legends data miners, you probably saw one or more of these before, at least in a preliminary form. These, however, are the final ones that have been confirmed for the Steam launch. 

What you see below are Headcrab Octane, which we're not sure should affect his speed and Portal Potato, which we don't think needs speed. The cover image shouldn't need an introduction, but okay - it's Wattson with the Portal cube. Too cute. 

More importantly, however, Respawn really made a nice little marriage of Apex Legends and Valve's iconic games, and it doesn't get more iconic than Half-Life. Nevertheless, they didn't forget Portal either, and it's definitely going to strike a chord with those who prefered it to Half-Life (yes, many of them exist in the wild.)

Respawn promised more info as we draw closer to launch, which is yet to be pinpointed by the way. It's still set for fall 2020, and it's meant to coincide with Apex Legends' launch on Nintendo Switch, but we'll have to wait for EA to spill the beans. 

Portal Cube Baby Wattson, Portal Potato and Headcrab Octane will apparently be available as log-in gifts, so all you need to do is download Apex Legends via Steam and fire it up to claim them. 

EA Apex Legends' Headcrab Octane Charm Apex Legends, Headcrab Octane Charm

These Apex Legends Charms are limited-time gifts though, so you may want to keep an eye out for Steam launch announcement, so as to not miss out on the goods. No portals can help you with that.

EA Apex Legends, Portal Potato Charm Apex Legends, Portal Potato Charm

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