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Portal 2 gets an update, improves co-op options

Published: 13:16, 21 November 2019
Portal 2 - Wheatley

Eight years after release, Portal 2 got an update. Players will now have an easier time solving puzzles even if they don't have two controllers connected.

Co-op fans will be able to face the obstacles of Portal 2 easier than ever before with the latest update. Technically, it wasn't much of an issue before either as many players simply used two gamepads. However, it's possible that someone has only access to keyboard and mouse plus one controller, which was not officially supported by Valve.

Fans already created workarounds that would allow for such co-op but the new patch will support such input methods and prevent the inconvenience of having to do extra steps following the game installation. 

Furthermore, additional co-op support was added for the community co-op map queue but quickplay is still not supported. In total, there were eight changes introduced with , listed below:

  • Fixed an issue where in-game audio caption language would use the system language setting instead of the Steam language setting
  • Improved camera control through Steam Input - the sensitivity scale has changed so you may need to increase your configuration’s sensitivity
  • Add local coop support for one controller player and one Mouse/Keyboard player
  • Add local coop support from the community coop map queue. Quickplay is still not supported
  • Fix XInput related options being hidden when connecting a Steam Input enabled controller using a Gamepad configuration
  • Fix the challenge mode screen not having enough footer buttons available through Steam Input
  • Fix several more bugs where the incorrect action set could be set in Steam Input
  • Fix several cases where having a controller connected but not active would affect the glyphs and settings screen options

Valve Atlas and P-body flexing in Portal 2 Atlas and his co-op P-body. I'll see myself out

No better time to grab a friend and delve into adventures Aperture laid before you.

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