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Half-Life 2 and Portal 2 writer Erik Wolpaw has returned to Valve

Published: 12:31, 04 January 2019
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Erik Wolpaw, the man who co-wrote Portal 2, both Half-Life 2 episodes and Left 4 Dead is back at Valve two years after he left the company. Wolpaw follows his colleague writer Jay Pinkerton who also returned to Valve in July last year.

It looks like Gabe Newell is rounding up the old gang once again, some of whom were part of the Valve's creative exodus that went down in 2017. Back then, Valve lost many of its creative heads as the departure of Half-Life's lead writer Marc Laidlaw was followed by Erik Wolpaw, Chet Faliszek and Jay Pinkerton.

Almost two years later it looks like that writer movement is flowing in the opposite direction. Erik Wolpaw, the man who co-wrote Portal 2, Left 4 Dead and both Half-Life 2 episodes, has returned to Valve, as was confirmed by Valve News Network founder and producer . He tweeted a screenshot of an email from Valve head Gabe Newell in which Newell confirms that Wolpaw is indeed back.

Wolpaw looks like he's following his colleague writer Jay Pinkerton who co-wrote Portal 2. After leaving the company in 2017, Pinkerton returned to Valve in July 2018. 

Valve confirmed that they will make a bigger effort towards making games after years of investment in VR and Steam. They recently released a card game Artifact, although its mixed reviews on Steam clearly indicate we're well below the company's standards. What's next for Valve studio remains to be seen, but the return of key staff members who worked on such classics can only suggest that something big could be in the making.

It's possible that writers are back to work on new unannounced projects, which were hinted at by a Valve insider in Game Informer's interview from 2017. Back then, he made it clear that Half-Life 3 doesn't exist and that current Valve projects have nothing to do with the Half-Life universe.

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Well, at least Valve is making games again and we kinda see their point when it comes to making another Half-Life game but "never say never" is something that every Half-Life fan seems to be holding onto.

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