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Portal designer Kim Swift joins Xbox to make cloud games, including Kojima's exclusive

Published: 19:37, 21 June 2021
Screenshot of GlaDOS' new body from Portal 2
Portal 2 - GlaDOS

Portal designer and former Google Stadia design director Kim Swift has officially joined Xbox. Swift will oversee cloud gaming collabs including the rumoured Hideo Kojima project, according to reports.

Xbox have officially announced that former Google Stadia design director Kim Swift, which is also know for working on the iconic Portal as a designer, has joined Xbox's cloud gaming division to oversee collaborations with independent studios. 

According to the latest reports , Swift will be working on the rumoured Xbox exclusive from Hideo Kojima. Jeff Grubb reported earlier this year that the legendary creator is in talks with Xbox to make a cloud based game, which is understood to be an episodic horror game. 

In his GamesBeat report, Grubb states that Microsoft hired Swift in part to specifically aid Hideo Kojima with his game.

AltChar screenshot showing hideo kojima and xbox logo Hideo Kojima's next game could be Xbox exclusive

Hideo Kojima is still talking to Xbox about this deal and as Grubb states, "it's with the lawyers" so don't expect any imminent announcements.

However, it's possible that we will hear more about this partnership at the Game Awards show later this year.

Hopefully, it's done and dusted by then.

Kojima's cloud based game is not expected to launch anytime soon, though, as the project is still in early development phase, so it may take a while before we actually see it in action.

As for the platforms, we doubt the game would be an exclusive o xCloud, think of it as something like MS Flight Simulator which is heavily cloud based but still works on PC and consoles.

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