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Poland fights Coronavirus with a Minecraft server

Published: 17:01, 24 March 2020
A huge Mario statue build in Minecraft, complete with his red and blue plumber suit.

Coronavirus and the subsequent efforts to put people in isolation prompted Poland to launch a project named Grarantanna which includes a minecraft server, among other things. It also promises enticing rewards for the most creative minds.

Poland is taking a proactive approach to the whole Coronavirus problem as they are attempting to entice people to stay at home in various interesting ways. Some of them are organised in Grarantanna, a hub of learning and creativity that includes a Minecraft server.

The public server is meant to encourage Polish residents to socialise online instead of risking the spread of Coronavirus further. It appeals to children and young adults to log in and work their part of the digital space. Each player gets a 60x60 plot to build on. All of them are encouraged to build something creative as the best works will be showcased and rewarded on 30 March 2020.

Grarantanna states that the efforts of players are supposed to be productive rather than just seeing it as a vacation or a holiday. Still, with a plot of land in Minecraft, it's hard to imagine someone just randomly dropping blocks due to boredom instead of letting their inner digital artist flourish.

That part of Grarantanna is organised by Neverlight Association, known for involvement in esports and board game publishing in Poland but the program offers other means of being productive besides Minecraft.

Mojang Minecraft - Glide Minecraft - Glide

There are webinars, quizzes and more. Some of these activities, such as the quizzes, will offer rewards of their own so in case someone is not gifted with the power to create amazing things in Minecraft, they could brush up on Polish history and win some awards regardless.

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