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Pokemon Go's Community Day to feature Squirtle wearing sunglasess

Published: 14:50, 03 July 2018
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Pokemon Go's Community Day

As the next Pokemon Go Community Day event creeps around the corner, Niantic decided to share more details. The event will feature Squirtle with sunglasses which is the first time costumed Pokemon is being featured beside Pikachu.

Pokemon Go's next community event is starting on 08 July 2018, and as Niantic promised it will feature a first generation starter Squirtle. During the event the water type pokemon will appear more frequently in the wild. The announcement came in a tweet posted by the developers revealing that the first gen starter will be wearing glasses for a limited time.

The TV show episode titled „Here Comes The Squirtle Squad“ first showed the gang of five Squirtles abandoned by their trainers back in 1998, with the most notable feature being the cool sunglasses they wore.

The that revealed the coming of costumed Squirtle, failed to mentioned if the tasks required to encounter the Pokemon will be the same as for any other Pokemon.

Previous Pokemon Go Community Day's had a shiny version of the featured Pokemon up for grabs and the same is likely for Squirtle. Capturing a shiny version of the costumed Pokemon would possibly make it the rarest one yet, if such a thing exists at all.

This is the first instance of Pokemon Go introducing costumed pocket monsters besides Pikachu. Which could indicate that there might be more costumed Pokemon coming in the future.

Besides the chance to encounter two rare Squirtles, trainers who evolve their Wartortle into Blastoise during the Community Day will also be able to learn their Blastoise Hydro Cannon and a new charge move which wasn't talked about that much.

It is still unknown what will happen if sunglasses Squirtle evolves to Wartortle or Blastoise, but many fans assume the glasses will transfer over to the evolved state of the Pokemon which could be true.

The players that take part in the Community Day will be able to take advantage of the in-game bonuses during the time of the event. Bonuses include extended lure time and lowered distance required for hatching eggs.

Pokemon Five Squirtles wearing sunglasses and laughing Pokemon's Squirtle Squad

The Community Day will officially kick off on 08 July 2018 and will go on for three hours, of course this means that the event will start at a different time depending on the time zone.  

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