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More Team Rocket for Pokemon Go teased with a hot air balloon

Published: 16:53, 05 July 2019
Promotional image for pokemon go live event in dortmund showing pokemon on a meadow
Pokemon Go Fest Dortmund 2019

Niantic have teased their intention to make Team Rocket a more relevant part of Pokemon Go at Europe's prime event for the ARG in Dortmund, Germany. There's still no word on what double the trouble will actually mean in terms of gameplay.

Pokemon Go's 2019 Dortmund Fest is in full swing and Niantic have already seized the opportunity to tease upcoming Team Rocket related features. What those features might exactly be is anyone's guess at this point. 

Team Rocket is currently present in Pokemon Go for all intents and purposes, and since Niantic had microtransactions already in place when they released the the product was back on release, the current options are of course .

In any case, the event team pulled the tease off with style, having a hot air balloon with Team Rocket's signature R fly past the festival grounds.

Similar to preceding Pokemon Go events, Team Rocket members would pop up in AR mode, but this is the first time there was a real-life component to the tease.

This might mean that whatever the developers have in mind for manifesting the franchise's antagonists in gameplay form is just around the corner, since having a balloon fly overhead is pretty close to a firm commitment as far as teases go.

The Pokemon Go event in Dortmund will still be running up until 7 July 2019, so there might be an announcement in the works.

u/J0hnd0euf Image of team rocket baloon over dortmund on a celar sky Prepare for trouble, and make it double...

Meanwhile, for those not participating in the festivities directly, Niantic are introducing an of Mewtwo. The special variant will appear in five-star raids from 10 to 31 July 2019, so there's still a few days to go.


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