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Pokemon GO raked in $1.8 billion in two years on the market

Published: 18:42, 07 July 2018
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Pokemon GO

Two years have passed since Niantic's Pokemon GO took the world by storm and even though the game is no stranger to all sorts of milestones, the latest one takes the cake. Namely, Pokemon GO has raked in $1.8 billion since launch.

Pokemon GO-mania has significantly subsided since the launch but it's still raking in more dough than some of its much bigger and arguably more serious colleagues. The game may not be everyone's cup of tea but whether you like it or not, its success is undeniable.

Impressively enough, Pokemon GO players spend upwards of $2 million daily, totalling at $1.8 billion at the time of writing. Back in January 2017, bean counters at SensorTower reported that the game , meaning it took Niantic a year and four months to earn 800 million. Easy, right?

As you can see from the data firm's diagram below, the highest spending countries were the US with $607 million and Japan with $500 million. Germany, Great Britain and Taiwan haven't done as well, albeit the numbers are still more than impressive.

Pokemon GO has made $70 million in June 2018 alone, being a mainstay of App Store's top 10 charts of highest grossing games in 21 countries. With the game still alive and kicking, Niantic have obviously struck something way more valuable than gold. 

In related news, Game Freak's Pokemon Quest has managed to hit 7.5 million downloads on Switch, iOS and Android. Note that the latter two launched on 27 June 2018, about a month after the Switch version, but the initial results are suggesting yet another Pokemon hit game.

That's not to say that Pokemon Quest's results are enough to challenge Pokemon GO's trophy cabinet, at least not at the moment. After all, it took Pokemon GO a week to reach 10 million downloads but in Pokemon Quest's defence, the delayed iOS and Android launch are making these comparisons a bit difficult. 

SensorTower Pokemon spending by country Pokemon spending by country

Nevertheless, Pokemon GO doesn't seem to be going anywhere, having grown into one of the most reliable cash cows around and with Game Freak shifting Pokemon Quest into overdrive, you can bet we'll be seeing them strut their Pokestuff around for many more years.

You can find SensorTower's Pokemon GO report .

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