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Niantic announced new Pokémon GO update which enables trading

Published: 14:04, 19 June 2018
Pokémon GO trading system
Pokémon GO trading!

Two years after the debut, Niantic will release an update which allows players to trade pokemon. The new update will come during Pokémon Go’s big summer update. This latest update will also add friends lists which ties in with trading.

Niantic, the publisher and the developer for Pokémon GO, have finally released information on when they are going implement a trading system into the game. Two years after the announcement it's finally here.  

Friends & Trading system will be releasing in the Pokemon Go's big summer update that should be released in the next couple of weeks according to the developers. 

The trading system was long awaited in Pokémon GO and it was promised back in 2016 when Pokémon Go debuted. “We wanted to make sure we got this right" said Kirsten Koa, a Niantic software engineer.

Now players will be able to trade but there is a catch. Trading will be only allowed with people on your friend's list which is also a part of the upcoming update.

The way players will add other players will be handled via personalised codes. When someone accepts a friend request, trainers will be able to see their friends stats and recent in-game activity. Friendships will come with special bonuses according to Niantic.

Using the friends feature players will be able to help each other by sending gifts, which are only going to be available at PokéStops or Gyms. The gifts seem quite useful and allow trainers to send each other a yellow egg. Once the trainer walks seven miles the egg hatches an Alolan form of a classic Pokémon.

Friendships will also have levels set as Good Friend, Great Friend, Ultra Friend, and Best Friend which will grant unique bonuses. Those bonuses will be depend on the level and their effects mostly impact the game's microtransactions. Levels can be increased by trading, gifting, raiding, and fighting together in a gym. 

Niantic Pokémon GO trading system Pokémon GO

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