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Pokemon GO players can now scan PokeStops to power them up

Published: 07:41, 09 December 2021
Updated: 07:43, 09 December 2021
Pokemon GO - POwered-up PokeStops
Pokemon GO - POwered-up PokeStops

Pokemon GO's AR Mapping mechanic has found a new purpose in the PokeStop scanning effort. Trainers around the world can now scan PokeStops to power them up and earn extra rewards.

Powered-Up PokeStops in Pokemon GO? Positively practical. 

AR Mapping was introduced last year, and now players of Pokemon GO can use it to juice up their local PokeStops to get extra rewards per spin. The "old" mechanic will find new use in enabling Trainers to team up and complete AR Mapping tasks and give rise to refreshed AR experiences for everyone. 

Trainers will be able to power up select PokeStops and Gyms for a limited period of time by completing the new AR Mapping tasks. Powered up PokeStops will appear differently on the map and any Trainer who spins the specific stop will win extra rewards. Only Trainers level 20 and above can perform these AR scans but the more they do it, the more rewards everyone will get, plus the PokeStop will be levelled up for longer.

PokeStops will have three visually distinguishable levels and the scanning requirements to achieve them are:

  • Level 1: Five scans.
  • Level 2: 10 scans.
  • Level 3: 25 scans.

How to scan a PokeStop

To scan a PokeStop, you'll need to go to it or visit Gym's details page. From There tap the three dots on your upper right and then:

  • Tap "Scan PokeStop".
  • Opt into the feature (follow the on-screen prompts during the first scan).
  • Tap the record button to start the scan. 
  • Keep the PokeStop in the frame and slowly walk around it if possible (watch your step).
  • You can upload your scan right away or save it to upload later.

Note that only Trainers level 20 and above can perform these scans.

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