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Pokemon Go is getting Regigigas and a global event

Published: 14:01, 02 October 2019
Battle in Pokemon Go
Battle in Pokemon Go
Pokemon GO

Pokemon Go is gearing up for a global ticketed event and a new Legendary Pokemon, Regigigas. Niantic didn't officially announce this information but it was datamined.

New information relating to Pokemon Go usually comes first from one of two sources - Niantic themselves or Chrales who leaks the upcoming updates. In this case, it was the latter as the person behind the Twitter account apparently came into possession of information that points to a ticketed global event.

The ticket itself looks rather odd, at least in the picture provided by Chrales, as it even reminds some people of a pregnancy test. In a more important part of the reveal, however, Chrales said the ticket is for "A Colossal Discovery" event that will happen globally on Saturday, 2 November 2019 at 11:00 AM local time.

There are also references to the Colossal Pokemon which leaves little room for doubt and fans are already looking forward to Regigigas, the Normal-type Legendary. Interestingly enough, there is also a Pokemon Go entry on Bulbapedia , despite the Pokemon not being in available in Pokemon Go just yet.

According to the site, Regigigas will have Rock Smash and Zen Headbutt fast attacks with Stone Edge, Avalanche and Heavy Slam as charged attacks.

Picture of a Pokemon Go festival Picture of a Pokemon Go festival Pokemon GO didn't shy away from paid events before

There is currently no information on what players will be required to do in order to get the tickets for A Colossal Discovery and it's unclear if they will be required to pay an entry fee at this time.

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