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Pokemon Go highlights July Community Day meetups, provides map

Published: 07:18, 09 July 2022
Pokemon Go
Pokemon Go

July Community Day in Pokemon Go is happening next week and Niantic provided a map that should get more people to join up for activities like trading and raiding.

Pokemon Go is highlighting in-person meetups for the July Community Day, which will happen on Sunday, July 17, 2022. For those unaware, Niantic already published all the details about the next CD, which features Starly.

With the meetups somewhat organised by the game itself, the trainers should have an easier time finding people to trade and raid with while trying to find Starly and its Shiny version. 

Meeting up will also make it easier to utilise some bonuses. For example, having multiple trainers use a single Lure will net them four times the Catch XP near the lured PokeStop for 30 minutes.

You can check out the official map of locations that will feature in-person as well as virtual activations, showing all the places in the world where you can join in on the fun. If there aren't any in your vicinity, there is always the marker for popular parks which is the next best thing as you are likely to meet other trainers around.

The map has filters for each marker, with the orange pins denominating in-person Community Day meetups, the blue ones showing where to get extra loot from PokeStops and the green ones showing the popular parks.

Niantic Pokemon Go Pokemon Go Anniversary event is currently going on as well

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