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Trainer Battle attack updates coming to Pokemon GO in Grass-type month

Published: 11:17, 03 April 2020
Pokemon GO’s Grass-type month logo
Pokemon GO’s Grass-type month

Pokemon GO is having its Grass-type month during April 2020. For the occasion, the developers have tinkered with some of the Trainer Battle attacks and added some special initiatives for a bunch of Pokemon.

April 2020 is Pokemon GO's Grass-type month and in celebration of it, some changes are coming to Grass-type attacks and Grass-type Pokemon in Trainer Battles, along with a few other tweaks:

Updates to existing attacks in Pokemon GO

  • Bullet Seed - now generates energy more quickly.
  • Energy Ball - reaches full charge more quickly and has a chance of lowering the opponent’s Defense by one stage.
  • Leaf Tornado - has a chance of decreasing your opponent’s Attack by two stages.

The damage that the following attacks deal has been decreased in Trainer Battles: 

  • Ancient Power
  • Silver Wind
  • Ominous Wind - It also reaches full charge less quickly.

These changes will make Ancient Power, Silver Wind, and Ominous Wind more strategically similar to other moves that affect stats but with a higher risk for the higher reward offered by these moves.

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Pokemon that can learn more attacks

  • Bellossom: Bullet Seed - The combination of this Grass-type Fast Attack with Bellossom’s Grass-type Charged Attack Leaf Blade makes Bellossom a powerful option as a Grass-type lead.
  • Jumpluff: Aerial Ace - Pairing the Flying-type Charged Attack Aerial Ace with the Grass-type Fast Attack Bullet Seed allows Jumpluff to use Charged Attacks more quickly.
  • Ludicolo: Energy Ball - This attack reaches full charge faster than Solar Beam, giving the Pokemon access to a different Grass-type Charged Attack to use with different play styles.
  • Cradily: Bullet Seed - This Grass-type Fast Attack will charge up Cradily’s Charged Attacks faster.
  • Sunshine Form Cherrim: Fire-type Weather Ball - fitting for a Pokemon that appears when it’s sunny out.
  • Tangrowth: Rock Slide - Tangrowth can continue having a dominating lead against Kyogre and Groudon in Master League while making the Flying-type Pokemon often used to counter it more dependent on Protect Shields.
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