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10 interesting Pokemon GO facts

Published: 10:51, 16 February 2017
Pokemon GO

Since its release in July 2016 Pokemon GO took the world by storm, introduced Augmented Reality into the mainstream and quickly surpassed the success of Candy Crush and Clash Royale 

Here are some interesting facts about the phenomenon.

1. Inspirations can come in any shape and size:

Inspiration for Pokemon GO came from an April fool's joke made in 2014. A fake job ad for a Pokemon Master was placed, asking people to explore a map and catch Pokemon. The ad garnered much attention and the idea for Pokemon GO was born.

2. Chasing Pokemon might be more important than chasing tail:

At one point in time, Pokemon GO’s downloads surpassed Tinder on Android devices, with 60% of players in the US using it daily for around 43 minutes.

SimilarWeb Pokemon GO Pokemon GO

3. A chance to catch the one, and even meet someone cute:

There is a new dating service for Pokemon Go players called “PokeDates”. The service matches users based on a questionnaire and then coordinates a time and a PokeStop to meet at.

4. Physical activity decreases levels of stress and blood sugar:

According to its developers, Pokemon GO is destined to help people with anxiety, panic attacks, and depression. Since it’s a game that requires people to physically get up and go outside, it encourages people with agoraphobia to leave their house, exercise, and engage with other people.

5. Metric system coming to the US:

Young Americans will eventually learn the metric system because Pokemon GO forces its users to think in metric units.

6. The game favourably influenced Nintendo's stock:

Nintendo has seen more than £6.9bn added to the company's market value.

Nintendo SimilarWeb SimilarWeb

7. The right playlist is required to get into the "Trainer" mindset:

Spotify streams of the Pokemon Theme "Gotta Catch 'Em All" have increased 362 percent globally in the weeks following the Pokemon GO release.  

8. Microtransactions are the way to success:

The app is free to download from the  and Google , but still managed to bring in £750 million in 2016.

9. Avid players find a way, but so do sly businessmen:

It is now possible to hire a driver to take the players from Pokestop to Pokestop, in cities such as New York and Portland, for about $25 an hour.

10. Gamers are not the most patient people:

When APKMirror uploaded Pokemon GO to its servers, users came looking for it in swarms. APKMirror received around 600,000 visits on July 5. That number jumped to 4 million on July 6.

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