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Taiwanese grandpa plays Pokemon Go on 45 phones

Published: 14:26, 22 November 2019
70-year-old Chen San Yuan and his Pokemon GO mount.
70-year-old Chen San Yuan and his Pokemon GO mount.

Chen San Yuan is a 70-year old grandpa from Taiwan that has a neverending love for Niantic's AR game Pokemon Go. He packed his bike with 45 smartphones, transforming it to a proper Pokemon Go mount.

In July 2016, an augmented reality gaming phenomenon hit our smartphone screens, quickly becoming the world's most popular game. Today, Pokemon Go is still at the top of the list with tens of millions of players worldwide and one of these players is Chen San Yuan, a 70-year old grandpa from Taiwan. 

You may ask what makes him so special as there are many grandpas and grandmas playing video games today. Well, Chen San Yuan is special and probably one of the biggest Pokemon Go fans in the world. Not only does he spends his days searching for Pokemon on the streets of New Taipei City, but he also does it with 45 smartphones, connected to his bike!

Yes, that is his special Pokemon Go mount in the photos below and as you can see, it's a sight to behold. Some may joke that Cyberpunk 2077 logo would fit perfectly on the photo and we couldn't agree more. The thing looks like something that was brought straight from the future. 

Recently, Chen San Yuan received an endorsement deal from ASUS, who noticed his Pokemon Go fanaticism and decided to make him a brand ambassador of the company. ASUS immediately replaced his old smartphone devices with the latest Zenfone Max Pro M2 model. 

The grandpa is also quite popular in Asia and according to , during the Pokemon GO Safari Zone event in New Taipei City, he spent more time posing for photos than playing Pokemon GO:

NintendoSoup image showing Pokemon Go grandpa posing for photos Pokemon Go grandpa posing for photos

It will be interesting to see if Chen San Yuan expands his unique mount with more phones as Pokemon Go grows bigger. Now that he has a great sponsor in ASUS, getting new phones won't be an issue and he could even start his own, Pokemon-hunting team.

Oh, and doesn't he look like a perfect candidate for Blizzard and their Diablo Mobile? 

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