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Pokemon Go June and July Community Day Pokemon revealed

Published: 17:04, 26 May 2020
Pokemon Go screenshot June and July Pokemon
Pokemon Go June and July Pokemon

Pokemon Go developer Niantic have concluded the voting for Community Day June and July Pokemon. The players have picked Weedle and Gastly which means these will be featured during June and July Community Days.

Over the last couple of weeks, Pokemon Go players got to vote for June and July Community Day Pokemon. Today, voting has successfully concluded and Niantic have revealed the winners, which will be featured in the game's next community days.

The two winners are Weedle and Gastly. Out of the four candidates that were available, Weedle received the biggest number of votes, meaning that it will be featured during Pokemon Go's June Community Day. The runner-up, Gastly, will be featured in July's Community Day.

The other two candidates were Aura Sphere Squirtle and Shadow Claw Sandshrew but players opted for the already mentioned duo.

Sadly, Niantic are yet to officially announce the dates for these Community Days but that should change in the upcoming days, at least for the month of June.

As you may know, some event-exclusive moves will be available during Community Days. In June, Beedrill will be able to learn the Ground-type attack Drill Run while in July, Gengar can lear Shadow Punch.

Pokemon Go is available for free on mobile, both iOS and Android.

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