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Planetside 2 gets New Soldier update on PlayStation 4

Published: 09:31, 07 August 2019
DayBreak Games
Planetside 2, Nanite System Operatives soldiers
Planetside 2, NSO

Planetside 2's New Soldier update has been on PC since the end of April 2019 and it's finally time for PlayStation 4. Daybreak Games wrote that the road towards achieving parity on both platforms is a long one, and this is another step.

The update includes all the DX11 bells and whistles from the PC, which includes porting the latest version of the game engine to PlayStation 4.

"We expect PS4 players to see framerate boosts of at least 5% all the way up to 30%, depending on gameplay conditions. Overall framerates should be much smoother, and should dramatically cut down on peaks and drops", Daybreak wrote.

When it comes to loading times, however, Planetside 2's PS4 players should see improvements of 50 per cent and more. Moreover, the new engine brings new and improved debug tools, which means stability improvements down the line.

Note that PlayStation Plus members will get an additional 50 per cent bonus XP, which goes on top of the 50 per cent bonus XP you get for active Planetside 2 membership. 

The update means that Nanite Systems Operatives (NSO) are arriving on PS4, and we're talking about a fourth faction available only to those with active Planetside 2 membership.

NSO is automatically assigned to the faction with the lowest population, and their assignment lasts until they leave the continent.

They weapons arsenal is limited to Nanite Systems only and they come with own set of directives. Note, however, that MAX units, battle tanks and empire specific fighters (ESF) are missing, and will be added later. 

Also coming with the New Soldier update on PS4 is the Ant, a heavy mining vehicle that costs 200 Nanites. It is used to mine Cortium, but its main use is yet to come.

DayBreak Games Planetside 2, Nanite System Operatives soldier Planetside 2, Nanite Systems Operatives

"We know this vehicle is meant to power the construction system which is not quite ready for PS4 yet. For now, we hope you find the addition of the vehicle entertaining as it does add some unique new ways to participate in vehicle combat thanks to its Cortium Powered Turbo engine and weight characteristics", they said. 

You can learn more in the New Soldier .


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