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Planetside 2 getting DX11, better performance, NS Operatives

Published: 09:28, 25 April 2019
DayBreak Games
Planetside 2, Nanite System Operatives soldiers
Planetside 2, NSO

Daybreak Games are set to launch one of the most important Planetside 2 updates today, and it brings DirectX 11 along with improved performance, the new 'mercenary' faction Nanite Systems Operatives, extra character slot for all and more.

"All PC servers will be taken offline on Thursday, April 25th, 2019 at 7 AM PT for an update - and you know exactly what this one is", Daybreak wrote on the forums, which is 3pm BST. 

Server downtime will last 3 hours in total, but it should be worth it as Planetside 2 is finally getting some long awaited features, and then some. 

First up is DirectX 11, which Daybreak promise will not only affect performance, but their diagnostic mechanisms as well, which will improve performance themselves, albeit indirectly.

"You've seen us attacking this problem from different angles throughout the past year (and the years before that!,) and while we've made significant strides with optimizing much of our underlying infrastructure, there wasn't much left for us to improve upon without some major overhauls first", they wrote.

What this brings to Planetside 2 is improved performance, smaller sizes and even better security.

Nanite Systems Operatives have finally arrived and while they're only available to players with active All Access membership, everyone is getting an extra character slot.

Just to refresh your memory, Planetside 2's new mercentary characters will be automatically assigned to the lowest population faction on the continent, and they're limited to NS arsenal.

This means they've got their own set of Planetside 2 directives, but they don't have Max units, main battle tanks and empire specific fighters, more commonly known as ESFs.

Daybreak wrote that they "will be exploring their implementation at a later date."

Planetside 2's update also brings a spawn system revamp, that promises to address zerging, but we'll have to see how it works in action before we say anything. After all, this seems to be one of the things Daybreak has found incredibly difficult to crack it seems.

DayBreak Games Planetside 2, Nanite System Operatives soldier Planetside 2, Nanite Systems Operatives

The new system is said to prioritise spawn points, while displaying other spawn locations after "a longer wait period, effectively throttling how quickly players can redeploy around the map, while still giving them the option to do so."

You can find the full patch notes on Daybreak's forums .


Planetside 2, massive multiplayer shooter by Daybreak Games

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