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Daybreak rolling out 'Murica flavoured Planetside 2 update

Published: 15:59, 29 June 2018
DayBreak Games
Light Assault skin for the summer event in Planetside 2
Planetside 2

As Independence Day draws closer, TheyBreak Games revealed the upcoming 'Murica themed update to their space shooter Planetside 2 and no, it won't only be the freedom loving New Conglomerate who are celebrating with them stars and stripes.

The official Independence Day festivities on Auraxis kick off on 04 July, duh, and last until 08 July 2018. All players will receive double the XP with additional perk of 40 per cent off of all infantry gear, with some time limited items arriving in the depot as well.

The actual Summer Event lasts until 31 August 2018 and brings a new directive line, coupled with rewards and "complementary weapons to tame the Indar heat." If you're going to joke about cooling fans or something, don't because Daybreak weren't kidding.

Vanu, TR and NC secondary weapon slots will contain Soldier Soaker pistols, letting you blast your enemies with water, while grenade slots will also offer Water Balloons. Daybreak say these balloons deal moderate damage.

But why would I use these, I hear you say? Well, because of the Summer Event directive, you good for nothing TR. See how I assumed the TR are stupid? Don't worry, I'm a proud member of Vanu Sovereignty and everyone's intellectually challenged once you're one of the purple Planetsiders, wink wink. Soldier Soakers and Water Balloons will disappear once the event is done, of course.

Completing the Tier 3 of Planetside 2's summer directive grants special weapons for the Flash, with specific NC, TR and VS variants. The NC gets LA7 Buzzard, which uses high explosive shells and a large blast radius; TR gets the M4-F Pillager, which shoots flames, while the VS gets V30-F Starfall, 3-round spewing, plasma AV gun.

Completing the Tier 4, i.e. Auraxium, grants you unique water balloon hood ornament, which at least seems ridiculous as some of the game's other cosmetics. Not that there's anything bad with it - if there ever was a game capable of pulling of this tacky stuff and still looking good, it's Planetside 2.

DayBreak Games Quad bike from DayBreak Games' game Planetside 2 Planetside 2

Yesterday's Planetside 2 update included some minor tweaks as well, which you can find on the game's thread.

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