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Planetside 2 is getting a new continent called Oshur

Published: 16:06, 06 September 2018
DayBreak Games
Screenshot of Oshur, Planetside 2's new island map
Planetside 2

I've got to admit I haven't seen this coming and even though Planetside 2 has made some big steps lately, I wasn't expecting to see a brand new continent. And not only is Oshur brand new, it actually seems to be well thought out too.

As you can see from the image below, Oshur is an archipelago map, if my Civ-earned geographical expertise is correct. Either way, we're talking about a cluster of islands with what Daybreak claim is a wide variety of biomes for the new Planetside 2 map.

"Crystalline forests, tropical jungles, desolate sands and even underground cave systems" promise to make Oshur as beautiful as it will be vicious. Yes, vicious, because Planetside 2 may just be getting a map that we hoped all its maps will eventually become. But, I digress.

Different sorts of terrain mean less bases, which in turn means a more logistically oriented play and plenty of base building on Oshur. Given that large parts of Planetside 2's new map are submerged in water, the logistics part will often come to mean plenty of air control tussles.

There are no warpgates on Oshur and each faction deploys forces via Bastion Fleet Carriers, which are marked on the map with black dots. The Planetside 2 team are uncertain whether the Carriers will be rotating come launch time, but we'll know soon enough.

As the story goes, a Vanu artifact was found on Oshur, submerged and leaking whatever ancient radiation they dealt with. Needless to say, Vanu Sovereignty, Terran Republic and New Conglomerate all want a piece of alien tech pie, which in practice means moving their Kumbaya-singing exploits to include Oshur as well.

Note that Oshur is still in early stages of creation, so we're likely to hear more from Planetside 2's dev team soon.

DayBreak Games Isometric map of Oshur, Planetside 2's new island map Planetside 2

That being said, I really like what I'm seeing from Daybreak in terms of adding new maps and lore, even if its a few years later than I expected it. Nevertheless, Planetside 2 remains one of the games I keep on my disk permanently so I'll be keeping my eyes open for more Oshur related news.

You can find the official announcement .

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