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Plague Inc: The Cure launches and it's free until COVID-19 is cured

Published: 19:17, 11 November 2020
Ndemic Creations
Plague Inc: The Cure cover image
Plague Inc: The Cure cover image

You've got to give credit to Ndemic Creations for managing to stay creative and reward players at this time, with the the announcement of an expansion to Plague Inc. called The Cure.

Perhaps the best part is that Plague Inc: The Cure is not a traditional expansion, with extra features built on top of the existing ones. No, Ndemic turned the entire game on its head by having players fight the disease, instead of spreading it. 

Plague Inc: The Cure players get to dispatch research teams across the globe in order to find patient zero and track the spread of the outbreak. Additionally, you can boost testing capacity and support local responses. 

If you've been wondering how lockdowns work, or should work, Plague Inc: The Cure lets you try it out for yourself. Lockdowns and border closures are used to limit the spread of the pandemic outbreak, and you can't forget to stock the hospitals properly. And wash your hands, of course. 

In an eerie representation of the real-life situation, Plague Inc: The Cure has players contending with poorly designed quarantines and lockdown measures. In response, you'll have to use furlough schemes and other policies to maintain community support. 

Last but not least is the vaccine development effort, and it's well worth noting that Plague Inc: The Cure has been developed with assistance from the experts from the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness (CEPI). Much like in real life, players must research, manufacture and then distribute a vaccine. 

Ndemic Creations Plague Inc: The Cure main screen Plague Inc: The Cure main screen

CEPI CEO Richard Hatchet said, "Games like Plague Inc: The Cure represent an incredibly important medium for education and public awareness that can be used to show the world the steps needed to address similar global health threats and their associated complexities."

Plague Inc: The Cure is available as an expansion to Plague Inc. on iOS and Android. You can learn more on the official website .

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