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Plague Inc devs warn players about usefulness regarding Coronavirus

Published: 18:28, 27 January 2020
Ndemic Creations
Planet Earth from space in the game Plague Inc: Evolved
Plague Inc: Evolved

Ndemic Creations, the developers of Plague Inc, spoke about the spike in purchases and player counts of the game following the Coronavirus outbreak. They are aware some might look to the game for education but also suggested better ways to learn.

Plague Inc prides itself for scientific accuracy on featured diseases and virus infections but the developers, Ndemic Creations, are well aware it doesn't contain the depth proper research on a virus could provide.

While the title is indeed realistic and informative, , the developers wanted to remind the players that this is still a game. Despite not sensationalising the diseases in order to create a spectacle, it is still not a scientific model. The official statement from the devs pointed as much as they appear to want to distance themselves from possible groups who could take Plague Inc as gospel.

One of the reasons why players could potentially take the game too seriously and see it as high enough education is the fact that Plague Inc is recognised by the CDC and other medical organisations in the world.

While this means the game will provide some useful knowledge, Ndemic once again suggested that the players get their information directly from local and global health authorities. 

One such authority is the World Health Organisation which has some and .

Still, there is no harm in playing the game itself and trying to infect Greenland - until you figure out how evasive the task might prove to be. Even then, the actual danger is harming yourself or hardware in a fit of rage, depending on your fuse.

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