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Plague Inc dev adds anti-vaxxers to the game after fan petitions

Published: 16:50, 28 February 2019
Jackie Chan
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Plague Inc.'s developer Ndemic Creations have announced that anti-vaxxers will be added as an in-game buff, after the fans' persistence not only matched Ndemic's terms for 10 thousand signees - it's well past 20,000 at the time of writing.

As the name suggests, Plague Inc. is a game about trying to infect the entire planet with a plague, evolving it along the way with various buffs to help make it unstoppable.

Sometimes it's not about potency though, but about getting the plague to another continent for instance, which means evolving the disease differently. Well, Plague Inc. will now get another means of helping your disease thrive.

There's no date as of yet, or any specifics on how it will work, but Ndemic are up to the task, stating via Twitter that they're "going to start figuring out anti-vaxxers soon".

Of course, the entire thing had to have started as a joke, but obviously grew into a serious request. Sort of. Well, not really, but Ndemic were great sports about it, so why not, right?

Creator of Pandemic Inc. James Vaughan told Eurogamer that it's great seeing so many people sticking up for science, as well as seeing the game boast such a passionate community six years after it originally launched.

He thanked the fans for that the support but ultimately reminded that having people unvaccinated in Plague Inc.'s simulation would make for a very short and easy game.

By now it's clear to everyone that anti-vaxxers won't be crowning their efforts in the real world, thankfully, but at least their plight will remain forever written in a video game about disease. Perhaps it's only fitting that it stays there.

Ndemic Creations Planet Earth from space in the game Plague Inc: Evolved Plague Inc: Evolved

As for Plague Inc., we'll make sure to check out how exactly Ndemic implement anti-vaxxer buff, although it's safe to say it'll be pretty funny. In a dark, twisted way - just like we've come to expect from this little gem.

You can find the petition for anti-vaxxers in Plague Inc. , and find the dev's Twitter statement

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